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disney_macros's Journal

When You Wish Upon A... Macro?
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Bring the LOLZ to Disney fans everywhere!
Welcome to disney_macros! This is a place to share your love for everything Disney through the amazing power of macros!

Membership is open!

Macroing is EASY!
1. Get a pic from any Disney film, park, etc. As long as it has something to do with Disney.
2. Put funny words on it.

Simple Rules That Are Important and Easy To Follow
-DON'T post blank pictures and say something like "Hay! Can u macros thizz 4 me?"
-All macros must be somehow Disney related!
-If you see a picture someone else has macro'd and you get a funny idea for the same picture, it's fine if you picture swap. Please be aware that not everyone will want to give out pictures.
-Tags are your friend! It's not required, but it's easier to find macros if they are tagged by movie.

Please make sure all macros are placed behind a cut. Even if it is just one pic. This way nobody's f-list gets clogged with a bazillion macros.

PLEASE NOTE: If any post is in violation of the rules, I will comment it with a request that it either be fixed or removed. If the original poster does not comply within a 24 hour period, I will delete the post.


If you want your community added as an affiliate, just send bigger_tigers a message with your comm's info.